Positive Affirmations

Lately, I have been speaking positive affirmations over my life. The ones listed above are just a few affirmations I speak each morning. Speak positive words over your life and watch things begin to change. Repeatedly saying positive affirmations produces positive results. Create a list of personal affirmations and speak them aloud everyday. You will attract exactly what you speak. Your subconscious mind will believe each affirmation and you will begin to act on them. When you believe your affirmations, you act as if they are already in fruition. You’re thankful and full of gratitude. 

Beginning this process can be a little weird. You may even ask yourself, “Why am I claiming to be blessed and everything is going wrong?” But think about it, if other people can make negative affirmations about you, why can’t you make positive affirmations about yourself? What’s wrong with claiming the desires of your heart over your life? After I began speaking daily affirmations over myself, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. Now, I encourage everyone to speak positive affirmations over themselves on a daily basis.

What are a few of your affirmations? 

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