Satin Summer Favs

 Satin shoes have broken the mold. Satin shoes are usually worn for cocktail events or weddings. This season, satin shoes have become the biggest shoe trend of 2017. If you haven’t noticed, many designers incorporated satin heels, sandals, and sneakers into their spring/summer collection. I personally love this trend. The satin fabric will elevate any casual look. I recently purchased the brick satin lace-up sandals above. I hope to purchase the rest of these satin beauties throughout the summer. Follow me on Instagram (@celeajade) to see how I style my satin lace-up shoes this week.

1. Satin Lace-up Sandals
2. Satin Double-Band Slides
3. Crystal Buckle Satin Slides
4. Satin Ballerina Flats
5. Schutz Satin Slides


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