The Love for Chillhouse

Chillhouse is the perfect place to walk-in and chill in the Lower East Side. I noticed people were obsessing over NYC’s new hot spot and decided to check it out. The multipurpose space, allows you to stop in for coffee or a nice glass of wine and get pampered with massage treatments and manicures. It’s a quick getaway from the chaotic city. This zen environment is very welcoming and relaxing. I spent my time indulging in white wine and working on my computer. I can honestly say, “Hello Chillhouse and Goodbye Starbucks”.

Although I didn’t partake in the spa treatments, I did notice a few clients getting manicures and loved their nails. I will definitely be a regular customer in the future. If you haven’t checked out Chillhouse, head on over to 149 Essex Street. You can also book appointments at


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