Day 1: Butts and Gutts Challenge

Yesterday was my first day doing the 30 Day Butts and Gutts Challenge by Lashae Knight. I didn’t know how out of shape I really was. Although the challenge focuses on butts and gutts I want to work on my strength and endurance. To warm up for the challenge we started with jumping jacks. I can’t lie, after twenty jumping jacks I was already out of breathe. 
Each exercise has to be done for three rounds. Each round is one minute. Although you aren’t suppose to rest until after each round, I couldn’t make it through a round without taking a break. I kept getting tired. Some of the exercises from Day 1 included: Deep Squat Jumping Jacks, Deep Squats, Deep Lunges, Toe Touches, Plank Twists, and Crunches.

On Day 2 I really want to push myself to keep going. To contrary belief, I am the most inactive person there is. I haven’t worked out in years. This challenge is going to be that indeed… A CHALLENGE. Beauty is pain!
If you’re interested in joining the Challenge, it isn’t too late. Follow Lashae Ann Knight on Facebook.

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